“But is it Art?”- the new dynamism of art

June 2, 2011

By Fion Tse

We can see that nowadays people have more access to knowledge, the Internet allows them to work together to create things that what otherwise would be impossible. Hence, democratic roles of creation are seen as becoming more and more popular. According to the video “The Future of Art”, published by Gabriel, “Today, ideas just get thrown out there and use, and is that use that in a way is art, rather than the person come up with the idea.”

Technology and innovations can be found in many new media artworks. I found the “Mortal Engine” quite interesting. This dance-video-music-laser performance indeed draws us forward by the reality of permanent change. Also, I think that the development of “Intimate Transaction” is another amazing project since it allows participants’ bodies to become aware of the other’s movements, despite the fact that they are geographically separated and cannot actually see or hear each other.

Information is all around us and I guess it is our role to create and connect things together. The “Mortal Engine” and “Intimate Transaction” both require the collaboration of sound artists, programmers, electronic engineers, sound artists, performers and ecological scientists. Through these artworks, designers tend to create the artistic experiences inspired by the possibility of metaphysical shifts in their understandings of place and role within the interlocking systems.

My favourite example of new media artwork includes the “Kinetic Sculpture” at the BMW museum in Munich. It was created from numerous small metal balls floating in the air and grouping into various forms. What makes it unique is the interplay of mechanical and electronic components. This create a dynamic art piece that reflects precise exchange between a great number of individual elements and the single, coherent picture that emerges from them.


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Mortal Engine, <http://www.chunkymove.com/Our-Works/Current-Productions/Mortal-Engine.aspx>


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