Big Politics- The Fate of the State

April 16, 2011

By Fion Tse

There were concerns regarding on the lack of great communication tools. Some believed that it is difficult to develop trust through sharing information online. However, others suggested that we are helping one another through discussion page and leaving comments on other’s posts. Well, is that true? As what we observe, the public is always considered as passive audiences. The government always have the control over their decision making power.

The announcement of Government 2.0 Taskforce indeed benefits us as citizens. It allows greater transparency of government policy as well as promoting ones participation in Australia’s democracy. As to achieve the goal of having citizen governance, we need to have some knowledge of government functions and thus this 2.0 taskforce would make things visible, enabling citizens to understand how the government have shaped our environments, cultures, and experiences.

I find the article on The Power of Leaderless Organisation quite interesting. It talks about a community with no hierarchy. I realize that having a traditional leadership is actually really important. If not, powerful industry will have full control of the society, turning industry upside down. The Internet is seen as knocking the traditional businesses down. It has affected how people relate to each other. The hidden force is uncontrollable since the more you want to take hold of it, the more unpredictable it becomes.

According to Lessig, the Sunlight Foundation launched a Punch-Clock Campaign in 2006 to get members of Congress to post their daily calendars on the Internet. After all, it is a matter on whether these transparency projects work. As long as government data is available to the public, complaints would inevitably be reduced. Also,  having management transparency would definitely improve the coordination of the government.


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UsNow <http://watch.usnowfilm.com/>



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